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Parham Shoja

​​Motion Graphics Designer
I am Parham Shoja
​2D & 3D Motion Graphics Designer

I'm Parham Shoja, a motion graphic designer with 7 years of experience and a portfolio of 2D and 3D projects. I have a bachelor's degree in Multimedia and a master's degree in Media Management. I'm passionate about creating visually engaging animations that tell compelling stories. I have authored a book on animation and have conducted research articles on media and animation. I have the skills to bring your vision to life and would be honored to work with you.

​Name               :                         Parham Shoja

Birth                :                            21/01/1992
E-Mail              :

2D Graphic
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe after effect
2D Animate
Adobe premiere
Edit Movie
​AutoDesk Maya
3D Animate

A summary of my designs

Learning is one of the factors that have made me forward in my Job, and I can honestly say that Standard procedure and document base been my basic principles in all my works.

My Skills

 I can do ​​​​​All steps of design motion graphics both 2D & 3D

3D Modeling

Sketch, Modeling, Texture, Create Material and Render

2D Motion Design

Writing Scenario, decoupage, StoryBoard, Graphic design, animate, composite, edit, SFX, Narration and Music

3D Motion Design​​​​​​​

Writing Scenario, decoupage, StoryBoard, Modeling,Texture, animate, composite, edit, Render, SFX, Narration and Music

Some Of My Works

​There is some of my work contain 2D motion Graphics, 3D Motion Graphics and Animations.


work Experience 

Succesfull Project







when I designed my first simple animation, I realized that I was stepping into a world that was beyond my imagination​​​​​​​

institute for humanities and cultural studies

Media Management

work experience:


Multi Media- Virtual Reallity

Art university of Tabriz

Fundamental Digital marketing

google garage

Manage all video pre-production planning.
Design Over 10 high quality motion graphics.
Supervise 4 staff during video production.

Training 5 new employees.

limoo Shirin Digital Marketing Agency ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Idea, writing Scenario and design over 10 motion GraphicsDesign for Products and Services

Iran Host​​​​​​​

Design over 10high quality motion graphics.
Training 2 staff during video production.
Writing 2 Video campaign.
Reporting of unit performance for 2 years.
Graphic Design for 3 website and 1 catalog.

GS1 Iran

Let's talk about your business

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In my opinion, when somebody is reaching a certain level of proficiency in her career start enjoying her job, and parham are one of the most professional people I have known in the past few years.

Ahmad shahoseini 

Digital Marketing Manager​​​​​​​

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